Kansas Zombie Hunters is the state’s newest organization dedicated to defending the world against zombie attacks.  The organization was formed by ZH1 (Zombie Hunter One) after he received a credible threat report about a zombie apocalypse. The window of opportunity to destroy the zombies appears to be from the last weekend of September through the month of October.

The initial zombie uprising is expected to occur in a rural area just outside of Newton, Kansas, with the hotbed of activity being located within a mile-long course traversing a corn maze and a wooded area. Consequently, our organization is urgently building up its forces and cache of weapons so we can mobilize zombie hunters every Friday and Saturday from September 29 through October 28th. The future of Newton and the world depends on the success of our missions.

It has been proven that the safest method to hunt zombies at night is to group hunters together in the bed of a trailer with paintball guns mounted on swivels. This method ensures that hunters will not accidentally shoot other hunters with the zombie-neutralizing paintballs while also allowing hunters to always have other hunters protecting their backsides. Luckily, zombies are not intelligent creatures and are incapable of operating a paintball gun—in other words, zombies will not be shooting you but any failure to defend the trailer will result in the zombies overtaking your position.

As a general rule, zombies will lie dormant from Sunday-Thursday, but zombies are unpredictable and cannot be trusted. It is rumored that random attacks may occur during those days/nights so our hunters need to be ready to move any day of the week and at a moment’s notice. Zombies are usually hunted during nighttime hours, but special on-foot hunts can be arranged during the daylight hours, if necessary, to take down the zombies when they are most vulnerable.

Please be sure to view our Zombie Hunting/Daytime Paintball On-site Safety Rules below in order to have fun and STAY SAFE!

Cell Service will not be great where we are located so plan on signing waivers and buying tickets to Zombie Hunts online before you get here to make your evening a success.

Safety Rules

  1. Players must check-in prior to unpacking their equipment. Players must follow this rule to ensure the safety of our customers and spectators
  2. All Players must have a barrel blocking device attached to their barrel while in the staging area.
  3. Players who need to swab their barrels must first remove them from the paintball marker.
  4. If you lose your barrel blocking device please ask for a referee’s assistance.
  5. Players who get three warnings about not having a barrel blocking device will be asked to turn in their gear.
  6. No SHOOTING in the staging area.
  7. No DRY FIRING in the staging area.
  8. No outside equipment allowed on the premises.
  9. All players must wear Paintball ASTM Approved goggles with a facemask and ear pieces in their original form as produced by the manufacturer.
  10. All players must wear their goggles anytime they leave the staging area to enter a playing field or chronograph station. Goggles may not be removed on the playing fields for any reason. If your goggles come off please yell “GOGGLES OFF!” and the referee will stop the game.
  11.  All players must be divided into equal caliber and experience of players. Level 1 (experienced/expert) and Level 2 (low experience/ beginner).
  12. Teams within the two levels are to be divided equally.
  13. All players are to have an arm band prior to the start of each game.
  14. All games are started and stopped with a whistle. After a game has started and you hear a whistle from a referee on your field stop shooting immediately to ensure the safety of the other players.
  15. A quarter size mark anywhere on the body or equipment is considered a hit and that player is eliminated.
  16. Eliminated players will be asked to go to a neutral zone.
  17. Dead Players are allowed only to yell that they are out, and nothing else.
  18. Dead Players are not allowed to give away other players’ positions.
  19. During game play, if a player is within 15-20 feet and has the advantage on opposing players, he/she is to ask “WALK or DIE”, regardless of whether or not it gives up the position/stealth advantage. Players who choose not to get shot at that close of range should raise their hands and yell “WALKING!”. Players who choose the die option do not have to say anything, and they can take their chance at getting hit at close range.
  20. All paintball markers used during Open and Group Play must be in Semi-Automatic firing mode, capped at 12 Balls Per Second.  This means one shot per trigger pull. All other modes are illegal for use in Open and Group Play.
  21. Speed Limit: 285 Feet Per Second. There will be 2 Chronograph Checks Per Session, minimum, to check velocity of markers. Players caught shooting over 285 Feet Per Second will have to sit out a game.